Blog Writing Services For Contractors

Our blog writing service helps contractors educate people, not sell to them. We reduce the sales cycle & maintain margins by positioning home improvement companies as experts, not just pushy contractors.


Why You’re Not Blogging

The amount of time that’s required to maintain a simple blogging presence can be as little as a few minutes a day. If you are looking at having an aggressive presence, you’ll need a strategy, focus, and more time. But if you are simply trying to get your blog going, you need to devote a half hour a day. It’s… Read more →

5 Advantages of Social Media Advertising vs. Traditional Advertising

No matter how much you may have thought the Internet was a fad, you were wrong. The Internet over a period of time, has literally invaded all aspects of our lives and has now become the main channel of communication for everyone. With accessibility becoming easier in the form of smart phones, tablets and Wi-Fi hotspots, reaching people has never… Read more →


Blog Maintenance For Contractors: Keeping Your Content Fresh

Blogging is an extremely valuable tool for any business owner, especially in the home improvement space. Articles on your website can increase traffic and conversions, as well as build a strong community on social media platforms. However, a blog is only going to be a key component in your marketing if it’s maintained and updated regularly.   One thing we’ve… Read more →


Marketing Your Blog

It can be discouraging to start a new blog and not immediately see results in the form of comments, shares, and website hits. In order to attract an audience, you will have to let them know that your blog is out there with information that they need. You will need to put some time into marketing your blog. Start with… Read more →

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10 Tactics to Improve Blog Readership

The problem with blogging for so many business owners isn’t that they can’t write. It isn’t that they don’t have the time or can’t find the topics to talk about. It’s because they can’t see the results right away. In fact, anyone who has built a business on the back of a blog (like we have) knows it takes years… Read more →